The Most Disrespectful/Disempowering Things

And the most disrespectful/ disempowering things we can do with our small children are:-

– Trying to answer all their questions with our limited knowledge.

– Giving the impression that adults know everything about everything.

– Not allowing them to feel all their emotions fully.

– Guarding them from experiencing pain.

Disrespectful/ Disempowering Things

The best way to deal with their questions is by asking a counter-question, and LISTENING with full attention.

The best way to empower a child is by helping them develop TRUST in the Human Design and The Master Designer.

The most disrespectful thing we can do with our old parents is to try to control their lives – especially because we so worry about their health/ well-being.

I did it with my mother.

My mother loved to self-medicate. That was her way of taking her power in her own hands; her body language said, ‘I know what I am doing’. But in my reckoning taking chemical drugs is dishonouring the innate intelligence of the human body. So, I often stopped her from taking certain medicines; and expressed my disapproval, even while allowing her.

I also dishonoured her emotions by not allowing enough “vent” for her anger against her husband, her mother, her brother, her sons and her daughters-in-law. Instead, I coaxed her into spiritual bypassing. “Forgive them. Forget and move on. Let go.” I didn’t respect the human design there.

Today, as I remember her, I feel sorry for disrespecting her human-ness and her adulthood. I did it because I didn’t consider her responsible enough (ah! what arrogance!). I did it because I worried about her. I did it because I thought I knew better than her. I did it because I cared about her. I did it because I loved her. I did it because I felt responsible for her.

Ah! How warped we become, when we take over the responsibility of another human being’s well-being upon us – forgetting their sovereignty and the intelligence of their human design! This is what happens when we try to play god in others’ lives. However well-meaning we might be, we have no right to take over anyone’s sovereignty.

Thank you, dear Universe, for teaching me this lesson – the hard way.