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The Newbies Guide to Website Traffic Generation

The most vital aspect of any profitable marketing plan is ‘Traffic Generation’. Without proper web traffic no online business can flourish. Today infinite people all over the world use major search engines to find the products, information and services as per their needs. The only way of ensuring a good market profile is to rank better in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Websites that rank in the top 3 results bag a lion’s share of the traffic. Moreover, your income generated online is directly proportional to the traffic generated by your website. So, to perform better in terms of revenues, you need to boost your website traffic and learn ways to do the same.

Traffic to Your Website

To increase your website’s ranking in search engine results, you can follow some simple tips given below.

Tip 1: Make sure that your website is properly optimized in accordance with the search engine guidelines. The keyword density of the content should be optimally planned. Using the primary keyword in the meta description, title, sub-headings (H2 Tags) certainly helps.

optimized website

Tip 2: Write at least 15 articles related to the main topic and main keyword of your website and then make an effort to submit these articles online, in more than 100 article directories. You must make sure to include a back link to your website, in all these articles.

SEO Backlinks

Tip 3: Your website should be submitted to more than 100 different web directories. This technique may consume some time but the back links provided by this method are simply priceless.

submit your website in web directory

Now you can either go for free traffic generation tips or can adopt some complex methods too. People who prefer free traffic generation usually consider free ezine ads, free advertising, free web traffic, social media promotion by creating social media pages.

Blog Traffic Generation Strategies Ideas

There are a lot many complex methods, which can bring considerable levels of traffic to your website. Do not confuse the word “complex” with “very difficult”. Basically these methods require a little expertise and it may take some time to master these techniques but the traffic generated using these techniques is non-stop and goes on increasing with time.

traffic generation road map

Inbound links are capable of attracting a very large fraction of search engine traffic. There are many more ways of increasing web traffic such as article marketing, guest blogging, using web directories to submit links, etc. Pay per click and use of Google Adwords is also an easy and effective way to attract traffic to your website.

In fact, traffic generation involves lots of time, patience and energy but the reward you get in return is worth it.

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