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The Power That Be

I have been a keen student of life. In fact, I consider my life as my laboratory in which I experiment with (and am being used as a larger experiment) various life experiences. One of my most favorite -ongoing- experiment is with The Power That Be.

As a child, I was in awe of this power; and called upon it time and again to protect me (from stray dogs or from the elders’ wrath) and support me (during exams). I looked at this power as Ram.

As an adult, I began to question every ritual and religious belief – and found them mostly meaningless or superficial or business like. I was living a full life without any need for all that. Though I continued to connect with my ‘Ram”, it was more of an impersonal/ invisible Power.

The Power That Be

In Reiki, I connected with this Power as energy vibrations within me. And that was a turning point. It led me to seeking as much wisdom as I could lay my hands on. From a fiction reader, I turned to nonfiction and metaphysical. I munched upon all the tasty tidbits offered by anyone, with great relish.

And then, the wisdom began to emerge from within. Ironically, this inner wisdom began to challenge everything that I had learnt so far. And the cookie crumbled.

That was a difficult stage. I was eating my own words at double speed. I didn’t know whom to trust anymore. Nothing was as I thought it was.

And then The Power emerged. First as rage, then as fire that engulfed my whole world. It burnt a lot but it purified a lot as well. The sanctity returned and all became sacred.

Today, I look at everything with different eyes. I find new meanings in our religions, in our fables, in our idioms and phrases, in our traditions, in our day-to-day practices. There is something which makes me continuously co-relate things/ practices with our daily life. A new kind of intelligence is emerging which makes me connect the dots. Ah! All this helps a great deal in my work as a Life Skills Coach.

I even find myself offering advice on how to turn around businesses, without having been a business woman. Because I realize that business of life is not divorced from the business-for-profit. The underlying principles remain the same. You just need to apply them with deeper understanding.

I feel completely connected to The Power now, at all times. I don’t need to summon it anymore. It stays with me. It is me.

And from that space of power, I express myself – in all areas of life – fearlessly.

This Power is still raw, though. It still needs to be digested fully. The process is on.

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