Things to understand for mental growth

And some more from the Knowledge Book:-

– The power of healing is equivalent to the focal energy of the healer – which is a sum total of his faith, purification, and brain energy. However, this power becomes more effective by the belief of those who wish to receive the healing.

– Even to help the people around you, who are in need of the help, is a matter of their permission. (We cannot even offer healing without first taking the person’s permission.)

mental growth

– Every ‘unknown’ first creates indigestion. (you can’t digest it at first.)

– Each one of us is a universe of 64 billion cells. The liquid in the cells is like that in the uterus (amniotic fluid). God is the Supreme Awareness enveloping the entire universe.

– Mother +Father +Essence Genes (which are a constant) + Universal Love Energy = Foetus

– Mother is the most powerful focal point of the Godly plan (Grand Overall Design).

– The energies of the Mother and the Child are never separated (irrespective of how it seems on the surface) – even after the bodily death.

– It’s our ego-personality self which expects reciprocity (whether in love or in any other form of giving).

– In every breath we take, our chains of thought are encoded by universal computers. (Our thoughts are directly linked with our breath.)

– Each living entity is obliged to live its destiny, with its goodness, badness, beauty and ugliness, until it is all well integrated.

– In each experienced event, we more or less find ourselves, a little.

– Every event is a knot which helps us attain ourselves.

– Service to humanity is made through learning and science. Service to universes is made through the mind and thought. (Expand your mind.)

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