Tips To Make Your Best Friend Feel Special

There are plenty of small yet significant things that you can do to make your BFF feel real special. It isn’t that difficult to make her feel happy and put a lovely smile on her face. You might have heard and even read many times that “Laughter is the best medicine”. So nothing can lift your BFF’s spirits more than a good, hearty laugh.

Crack a Joke!

Best Friend

Hmmm! A good joke seems to be a logical idea. And especially when there are so many websites that are full of funny jokes. You can easily get inspired by surfing on such websites.

Laugh when she jokes! 

So in case your BFF comes up with a joke, make sure to laugh loud. This is because laughter is contagious in nature and she will join you very soon. Even if you did not find the joke very funny, what’s the harm in having a good laugh together?

Gentle teasing always works

Gentle teasing always works

Even if your BFF is facing problems and is all goofed up about it, you can always cheer her up with some sort of mimicry or light teasing in good humor.  Making fun of your own self is another great idea that can lighten your BFF’s mood. You can also indulge in a heart to heart talk with her to make her realize that everyone has his/her own set of problems and battles.

Making faces can be funny

Discussing about future is great

When nothing seems to be working, then all you need to do is to make a funny face and you will surely find her smiling.

Best friends forever are meant to be there for each other both in good times as well as sufferings. So just try these tips to find out what works for you the best.