Top 10 Ideas for Celebrating Independence Day at Your House

India is ready to celebrate 70th Independence Day. And why shouldn’t you plan something special to make this day memorable.  So here we share some awesome tips that can help you in Independence Day celebrations at your home.

Start with decorating your house:

decorating your house for Independence Day

Whether you are living in an apartment or a villa. The celebrations start with the right sort of decorations. Markets are full of customized Independence Day decorations paper flags, buntings, tri coloured balloons, ribbons and so on. It will be awesome if your entire family can decorate the house together. You can also hoist your own flag on the terrace or if you are living in an apartment then balcony is the best place to do so.

Stay tuned to FM:

Stay tuned to FM for Independence Day

Playing of patriotic songs can add to the overall theme. The easiest way to play patriotic songs is to tune to the FM radio. Almost all the channels keep playing such songs throughout the day. You can also create a playlist by searching over internet or going straight to YouTube.

Don’t miss the Independence Day Telecast:

Independence Day Telecast

At New Delhi, every year Independence Day is celebrated with much grandeur. The event is telecasted by all the major channels and hence here is your chance to watch the live coverage of the event. The entire family can sit together and much some snacks while watching the event.

Let’s intense the theme:

Let’s intense the theme

This can be done by adding some big posters to your apartment decorations. You can opt for the posters of Indian army, national heroes and so on.

Deciding upon the menu:

Eat together

On Independence Day, choose an Indian Platter. No Chinese or Mexican food on that day. Also say no to packaged food, burgers, chocolates, ice creams, juices, bread, pasta, pastries, etc. Homemade Indian food should be your cuisine for the day.

Eat together:

You can also ask your neighbours to cook something ethnic and then join for a potluck party. Generally, people living in a society belong to different backgrounds and with such a hangout not only brings people closer but also provide them with a chance to taste different varieties of foods.

Contribution towards society:

Take your family to visit an old age home or an orphanage. Along with the monetary contributions, you can also donate old clothes and things, which you won’t be using anymore. You can also do some voluntary work for some NGO organization on that particular day.

Watching Patriotic flicks:

Watching Patriotic flicks

Download or buy the DVD of some patriotic movies. All the family members can gather together and have fun while watching back to back shows. You can also ask some friends or neighbours to join. All you need is some Popcorns and fresh lime juice to add to the fun.

Reading Sessions:

Reading Sessions

You can arrange some books on Indian History (focusing on freedom struggle) from your local library or you can even order online. Reading autobiographies of freedom fighters is also a good idea.

Conversing with your kids:

Take out time to converse with your kids on Independence Day. You can tell them the stories of freedom fighters so that they can know how thorny the freedom struggle was.


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