Top 10 Photos of the Grand Canyon at Its Best

The state of Arizona has a steep canyon that is carved by the Colorado River and this is the Grand Canyon. The canyon is housed in the Grand Canyon National Park. Over five million people each year visit the USA to gaze at the massive, one mile deep Grand Canyon. The immense size of the natural beauty leaves the visitors in great awe.

As far as Grand Canyon history is concerned, it was formed due to the erosion caused by the Colorado River. Geologists have studied and revealed that river established its course through the Grand Canyon for as long as 17 million years. The canyon is 446 km long and the width varies between 6 km and 29 km. The depth is considered to be 1,600 m. As the Colorado River kept eroding and exposing rock, the history of the earth was brought to light. This incessant exposure has continued for about 2,000 million years.

A Peek at the Grand Canyon Facts

 Due to the continuous erosion caused by the Colorado River, sediments have been left of the canyon. There is a 2 million year old exposure that is called the Vishnu Schist and it is positioned at the Inner Gorge bottom. There is also the Kaibab Limestone that is on the rim and it is as old as 230 million years. There are similar formations elsewhere and they are deposited in shallow seas, swamps, and beaches. However, there is the quaint Aeolian sand dune deposition at the Coconino Sandstone formation that is not in league with the other formations.

Due to the Colorado Plateau’s elevation to about 1500m through 3000m, the Grand Canyon is this deep. This elevation started almost 65 million years back. This process initiated a lifting process and this enhanced the ability of the river and its tributaries to cut through the rock easily and swiftly.

Best Things to Do In Grand Canyon

There are quite a few sporting events associated with the Canyon. The most appreciated and enjoyed ones are hiking and rafting. People can also access the valley either by foot or on mules. Some also prefer to take the boat to descend from the top. The entertaining activities are mainly organized by private firms. They plan trips that include about 15 heads for a rafting experience at one go and also helicopter trips. These trips are either from Las Vegas or from the South Bank airport. If you are wondering how far is Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, then you will be happy to know that it’s just a 4 hours drive. People can also take a bird’s eye view from the glass floor walkway called the Skywalk. It is suspended at a height of about 1200 m, making it an experience of a lifetime.

Top 10 Breathtaking Images of the Grand Canyon

North america grand canyon


Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon must be on your bucket list

Beaver Falls on Havasu Creek, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk

Elves Chasm, Grand Canyon, Arizona

 Havasu Creek, a tributary of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park