Top 5 Smartphones to Watch Out For In 2017

In 2016, the smartphone market saw some dramatic changes. The big players were challenged by the newcomers and features improved drastically. The boundaries were pushed and our smartphone became capable of taking new roles. This set the stage perfectly for 2017 and this year will be extremely important for the mobile industry. New flagships will make their debut and the top brands will incorporate refreshing changes in their existing models.  Let’s look at the top 5 phones, which will surely steal the show in 2017.

HTC 11 – This brand has always impressed us with the mind-blowing models, which are loaded with features. The company has big expectations from HTC 11, which is equipped with a powerful 8 GB RAM and 256GB expandable memory. The 8MP front camera is a dream for selfie lovers. The device supports the latest Android Nougat operating system and HTC Sense 8 runs on top of that. The heavy-duty 3700mAh battery has enough juice for supporting your entertainment needs. HTC11 will be priced around $691 and is total value for money.

HTC 11

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Samsung is aiming to make it big in 2017 and the Galaxy S8 can serve that purpose. The phone sports a 2K display and comes in two screen sizes. The 6GB RAM boosts the speed significantly and the 16MP rare camera makes it perfect for photography. Galaxy S8 runs the latest version of Android and comes with a 3620mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Nokia D1C – Nokia has an uphill task in 2017 and the company has to hit the gold with the latest D1C. Two versions of the handset will hit the market and the second version is slightly better. The 5.5-inch handset will have a 3GB RAM in its core and a powerful quad-core processor. The 16MP camera can click photos even in low-light conditions.

Nokia D1C

Xiaomi Mi 6 Mix – Xiaomi has taken the smartphone market by storm and they keep on making amazing handsets. Their 2017 model will be bezel-less smartphone with a mammoth 6GB RAM. This premium handset will sport a sensational 256GB expandable ROM and a 16MP rear shooter. The 4000mah+ battery will provide enough juice to make it last throughout the day.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Mix

Sony Xperia Edge – The Xperia range of Smartphones always had something special to offer and in 2017, Sony wants to up the ante. The company plans to release two variants and both of them will be compatible with Android Nougat. The brilliant 5.7-inch Full HD display will enhance the visual experience remarkably. The 4GB model will have a 64GB Rom, while the 6GB one will have a 128GB internal memory. The 8MP selfie camera is complimented well by a 12MP rear shooter. Sony Xperia Edge will be powered by a robust 3500mAh+ battery.

Sony Xperia Edge