Top 7 Diwali Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Now husbands and boyfriend you have a demarcation line between these two people. Before marrying your husbands are your adorable boyfriends who have some typical characteristic and boyish attitude, but as soon as they step inside the marriage bond, they turn a little more responsible and stiff in his responses. So while gifting them you need to be a little cautious so that you do not mix and merge both of them.

You can still cuddle your boyfriends, but cuddling your husband will look a bit too odd? What do the married women think about this? You can’t imagine gifting your husband a pair of funky leather jackets, but you did it when he was your boyfriend and laugh at it now.

Diwali Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Let us find out what are those unique gifts that tells what are the gifts that a boyfriend with a boyish attitude deserves from his beloved beau –

Gift him a box of chocolates

Just like you crave for chocolates, he too craves for it. He actually loves to have chocolate with fine wine or simply while watching his favorite movie or game of Throne series on the TV. You can gift him an assembled box of lavishing chocolates or simply gifting him the customized chocolates in the shape of cricketer or a golfer, biker or maybe in the shape of a racer. Some of the online chocolate stores takes up this order, but you have to be a little early in ordering them.

A grooming kit

Who does not want to stay fit and trimmed? Your boyfriend too wants to look hunk and wants to stay cleanly shared or trim his beard in accord to the latest fashion. So, what about gifting him a grooming kit that has all the necessary grooming items? He can stay clean shaved to trimming his beard ideally matching with his appeal and look in the eve of Diwali. You can buy brands like Nivea, Gillette, Axe, Hugo for Men and many more.

A rucksack

If he loves hiking then this will be one of the most ideal gift of all. Give him a rucksack; if your boyfriend has a habit of climbing the mountains or taking up an adventure camping or simply he likes to travel often. You praise his adventures and hikes by gifting a rucksack are also an expression that his roaming and frequent travelling does not offend you.

A lovely bottle of wine

What about gifting him the most amazing collection of wine? Say, you can gift him a bottle of Sette 2011 or may be a Charosa Selections Sauvignon Blanc. You can also give a try to the costliest Fratelli Gran Cuvee Brut, as it is Diwali I don’t think that a pricey gift will be something he definitely loves.

A personalized t-shirt

What about gifting him a t-shirt that he will definitely love to wear in any occasion and flaunt your relationship before everyone? Give him a personalized t-shirt this Diwali with an amazing selfie of you both or a simply an amazing click with beautiful quotes. You can also gift him with the best quotes he keeps on murmuring or have his nickname on the t-shirt with one or two delightful and light-hearted quotes.

Perfume or Deodorants

You want to make your boy smell the best during Diwali right? And if you want to do so a bottle of great perfume or latest deodorant collection should be there in his closet. Give him a pack of good deodorants, you can easily assembled the best in the market and gift him a pack of five or three. Even a personal collection of branded perfume might also do.

Ethnic wear

Make his Diwali special gifting him a traditional outfit like a sherwani or a kurta with buttoned and plaits in the front. You can give him a matching chunri to club the outfit exclusively. Give him the bragging look of a perfect Indian this Diwali making him shop from Manyavar or Manish’s Creation or may be Park Avenue’s Indian Collection.

What do you think about these amazing gifts? Do you have some more ideas do share with us.

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