Top 7 Diwali Gifts For Your Husband

What are you going to gift your beloved husband this year on the eve of Diwali? We know that you all have been planning since a year to give him something best, precious and unique. You want him to give a gift which is better than the previous years, a gift which could be helpful and of full use to him or maybe a gift that he will keep long with him forever.

For the newly married couples, this Diwali is going to be special so planning the Diwali gift for your husband is something crucial.

Diwali Gifts For Your Husband

Though you are the woman but that does not mean that you are going to seek all the attention from your man. You must also take the initiative to gift something best and precious on various occasions. This Diwali does not miss the opportunity of gifting your husband a meaningful gift. On this day this would be a nice gesture to appreciate your man by presenting them the most expressive gift of love.

Let us share some of the best gifts that you will like to gift your man this year. This article will share only 7 exclusive items that you might give your man on Diwali. If you know some more, do feel free to share them in the comment.


What about a classic watch for your husband’s wrist? How adorable the hand of your hubby would look with an amazing watch from Casio, Giordano (they are offering 60 to 70 percent discount), Timex, Titan, maxima and more. You can get these valuable discounts on these watches in the online stores of Amazon and Flipkart.


What about gifting your man with a delightful fragrance this year? A perfume of his favorite brand is something they are expecting and you can get him gift his favorite brand. Do not think about spending a fortune of the best perfumes which he only deserves. Like Titan Skinn, Thierry Mugler, Jaguar, Nautica, Burberry, United Colors of Benetton and much more brands. You will also find some of the celeb-chosen or celeb-used perfumes on the shacks such as Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan spirits, or Antonio Banderas Spirit etc.


Well, he loves to preserve money in something precious and for that he is a little bit of conscious about the wallet he uses. There are a choice and range of wallets that you can buy for your husband this year. This is one of the best accessory you can gift him as this is very dear to him and will keep on reminding him about you whenever he takes it out, whatever may be the place. Puma, Fastrack, Woodland, Wildhorn and many other brands have launched amazing colors and price ranges on their wallets. To get the perfect discount, shop on Flipkart or Amazon!

Sports Gear

A man means he is going to love sports. Whatever it might be an indoor sport or an outdoor sport, they are sport enthusiast. So, what about gifting your husband a sports gear on the Diwali? You can gift him the sports gear like running shoes, camping equipment, a golf kit etc. You can gift him a hiking gift he is crazy about mountaineering or a wearable from Apple or Samsung if he is a fitness freak.


You can also buy a bottle of champagne for your husband during the Diwali and stay prepared for the biggest celebration. He is surely going to love this gift and will share with his ladylove. You can buy his favorite brand from any shop online.


What about making his shirts look adorable with precious cufflinks from Swarovski Mont Blanc, Mulberry etc.

Mobile Phones

What about gifting him the most necessary item in his life, a smartphone? He might be happy as all the latest smartphone ranges are facilitating business people to a great extent. What about gifting him the latest Nexus or Apple iPhone 7 or you can simply buy him all new Samsung Note 7.

Choose the gift close to his heart and make him smile.

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