Top 7 Things To Cook On Diwali

Diwali is knocking at the door and when it finally arrives, the guests will do the same! The charm of the festival doubles when it is celebrated with your favourite people but then, nothing can be better if food joins the party. We are not really talking about food ordered from outside rather we are gushing about the beauty of home cooked food.

Cook On Diwali
A get together means happy moments which will be turned into sweet memories and to savour this flavour, sweets are the go to things.
Here, we are listing a few foods and their recipes which you can prepare easily at home and treat your guests. But to maintain balance, we are incorporating some spicy snacks upon which you can gorge and chat! Here come the dishes.

Shahi Tukda

Do you want to give your guests a regal feeling? Then, Shahi Tukda is the best option. But do not worry; its procedure is quite easy and ordinary. Cut white bread in triangular shape and fry the pieces till they become brown and then dip those in sugar syrup. Before serving, garnish with crushed nuts and condensed milk. See, it was this easy!


Now let’s opt for a Bengali beauty – Malpoa. Though this dish is quite underrated yet who have tasted it will never dare to underestimate the immense power this dish has. First, a batter needs to be prepared with equal amounts of refined flour and semolina with water or milk. Baking powder and fennel seeds are added into the batter. This batter is then fried like pancakes and then the cakes are immersed in sugar syrup. One can garnish those with cashew and nuts, if they want to.

Meetha Rice

Rice is a staple food of India which is presented here, with a sweet twist. This dish is a lot like pulao but the sweetness is much more.
In a bowl, clarified butter, soaked rice, cardamom, cloves and cinnamons are added and are heated without water for about one minute. Then water and crushed saffron is added for that beautiful hue and the rice is left for cooking for about half an hour or less. It is garnished with nuts and sugar syrup. One can make this easily in microwave as well.


Well, Gujiya is popular North Indian sweet dish which is quite easy to make. It is basically a Khoya stuffed patty with crispy outer covering. One can however, enjoy the baked version of this dish also.

Paneer Pakora

Tired of popping sweets? Then go for these yummy pakoras. The paneer or cottage cheese is coated with a spicy gram flour batter and then is deep fried. Serve with sauce and be ready to visit the kitchen within short intervals.

Chole Bhature

Enough of snacks! You do need a heavy dish to satisfy your stomach and for that Chole Bhature is a great option. Here, the bread or Bhature, a fried and leavened variety is served along with Chole or the chickpea curry. This combination has a delicious chemistry!

Veg Pizza

Even on this day, if you cannot stop missing your favourite western dish, then turn into a wizard and add a desi tadka to it. Buy pizza bread from the market (you can prepare it in house as well) and top it with veggies like capsicum and tomato and throw in a few chunks of paneer. Your dish will attract many fans and will get high appreciation.

Moreover, it will catch the fancy of children and they will surely make excuses to taste for a change.

There are multiple recipes to feast on and you can make anyone which suits you. The food becomes tasty when it is served with love, so create dishes to spread and get love this Diwali. If you are in doubt, choose any of the mentioned dishes and let your magic swoon everyone else. Get going and cook to celebrate!

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