Top 7 ways to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali

Diwali is a celebration that commends the triumph of good over abhorrence, i.e., when Lord Rama vanquished the evil presence, Ravana and came back to his origination, Ayodhya. At, pollution is the evil spirit that spoils your country.  Diwali signifies crackers, lights, gifts, decorations, sweets and a lot more enjoyments. But, at the same time it also brings along with it air as well as noise pollution.

celebrate eco-friendly Diwali

This year, let us observe Diwali such a way that it doesn’t hurt anything or anybody. Give it a try to follow the steps below to enjoy the Festival of Lights in an eco-friendly way.

Clay diyas to lighten up your home

Decorating your house with colorful, festive lights that consume electricity to run is no doubt an amazing idea. It gives the home an exceptionally cutting edge touch. However, these lights expend a great deal of electricity. Likewise, the candles that we utilize are petroleum-based and deliver a considerable measure of poisons. So, why not opt for diyas as they are made of mud and are bio-degradable. They additionally decrease the cost of adornment and are reusable.

Apply organic Rangoli

We all know that Rangoli is an intrinsic part of Diwali. Making a rangoli on the passageway of your home on Diwali is viewed as extremely propitious. What’s more, you can improve it to a great extent. Rather than utilizing hues and paints that are chemical based, use eco-friendly materials. You can get your desired color by using different colored petals. Another simple way would be to simply go into the kitchen, and utilize basic supply items like turmeric, rice, kumkum and flour.

Innovative decorations

When we venture into the market and visit shops with decorative items, we begin purchasing a wide range of things to enrich our homes. Anything that engages our eyes goes into the shopping packs, with no apprehension. To celebrate this Diwali in an eco-friendly way, say no to plastic items. Paints used to decorate these items are very harmful, particularly in the event that you have children in your home. Utilize mango and banana leaves and other beautiful blossoms to enrich your place.

Eco-friendly gift wrappers

It is a well known fact that presenting gifts on Diwali is a well established custom. It is no doubt a good thing. However wrapping those blessings in plastic wraps is a practice that we have to relinquish. You can settle on paper wraps or you can pick daily papers too. What is important is the blessing and the idea behind it, not the wrapper that covers it.

Use crackers without polluting

Blasting cracker is a thing that ought to be avoided. Nonetheless, it is truly hard to persuade the children to say no to firecrackers totally. In a situation like this the best thing to do is to get them eco-friendly crackers. These firecrackers are made utilizing reused paper. This means there will be less noise and contamination as you use them. You can teach your children to make them quit the habit of lighting crackers with time.

Crockery from nature

With every one of the visitors coming, it gets to be difficult to utilize those beautiful dinner sets as you have to clean them later on. To spare ourselves from doing the dishes, we often change to thermocol or plastic disposables. But, they wind up in your dustbin and make the environment dirty. Rather than using these dishes, utilize disposables made of natural items like leaves or just serve on banana leaves.

Celebrate with friends and family

Diwali is a celebration that unites everybody. You now have the opportunity to take this thing one step further. Enjoy this Diwali together with your friends and family. This will help you to decrease the cost and utilization of everything that includes crackers, decoration, sweets, electricity, gifts and so on. You can celebrate Diwali by buying a few crackers and everybody can enjoy with that.

Spending lavishly on unnecessary things is nothing but a status symbol. People tend to spend huge amounts to celebrate Diwali which a frivolous activity. Instead, follow the above steps and have a safe Diwali.

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