Top Seven New Year Corporate Gift Ideas

It is beyond doubt that corporate gifts for clients serve enormously to enhance the brand value of your company and also helps in promoting the same. It helps building up a strong relation with the clients wherein they start to think that your product is not just what your clients get from you. It also makes them feel special and that your company also cares for them. But now that the market is filled up so many options, it’s quite difficult for one to choose the perfect gift for your clients.

Here is a list of some innovative yet essential items you can rely on to gift to your clients such that it adds that rich flavor in the bond between your company and the clients.

New Year Corporate Gift Ideas

Purpledip Leather Notebook with Naturally Treated Paper

This 200 page notebook is a perfect gift for your corporate employees. Best part about this notebook is that it is made of natural paper that is acid free. The finest quality leather is used to handcraft the diary and is the perfect thing to bring out anyone’s artistic side. This is highly durable and highly functional.  It is made by master artisans and is the perfect example of a sophisticated gift.

eCraftIndia Meenakari Dry Fruit Container

Dry fruits and great gift items and can be offered to any person on any occasion. It also plays a great role as a corporate New Year gift. You can gift it to both your clients and workers. To add a special touch to the dry fruit container, why not choose a one that will reflect your artistic side. Choose a Meenakari dry fruit container from eCraftIndia and send it to every employee stuffed with dry fruits.

GeekGoodies Melting Table Desk Clock

Corporate gifts must be a useful one. So, what can be better than gifting your employees a desk clock when all they need to do is run after the deadline. But, this time try to be a little creative with your gift. Choose the GeekGoodies Melting table clock. This clock has the shape of something that is melting. It is the perfect gift for someone who wants to watch time melting away.

Callas Wooden Base Business Card Holder

Business card holder is another good corporate gift. This is also useful in organizing your cards properly, and gets hold of them instantly in time of need. Moreover, your desk will also appear neat and clean if everything is kept organized. So, this New Year, choose a card holder for each of your employees and give your office a neat look.

Portronics 2.1A Dual USB Charger

Your employees might need to charge their tablets, PC’s or mobiles in the offices. So, gifting them a two way USB charger is no doubt a great decision. Choose the Portronics 2.1A dual USB charger that helps in converting normal AC output to two ways USB output. If you use both the outputs it will offer 1A in both. Moreover, you will be able to avoid short circuit and overload with this USB charger.

HP Entry Level Backpack

A small entry level backpack or a laptop bag can also function as a corporate gift. HP has designed a great entry level laptop bag that is highly durable and perfect for carrying heavy load. This 15 inch bag is perfect for carrying any laptop. This bag comes with two compartments, that helps you to carry some necessary items like chargers, a bottle of water and also a book along with the laptop.

Saco mouse pad with ergonomic wrist rest support 

The mouse pad is one of the most useful items of an office. This New Year, choose the Saco mouse pad that comes with ergonomic wrist resting feature. It offers an excellent tracking surface for the mouse. The wrist support feature helps in reducing stress that can lead to motion disorders. This mouse pad is highly durable as the edges are perfectly stitched.

With so many options coming your way, you are sure to get overwhelmed. Go through the above list and choose any one that you think is the perfect one and suits your budget. Be a good boss this year by offering some really helpful gift at the very beginning of the year.

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