Top Seven New Year Resolutions

Some things do not change no matter how much you take vows or tend to make a shift. One such thing is the habits. But every year we do set a mantra to give up those odd habits and start fresh. This is what we call resolutions. And resolutions even if not fulfilled this year should roll-on over the next year just to help the people focus on the goal he or she is eager to achieve.

So are you ready with your New Year resolutions this year? Are you going to give up some habits or gain some good habits? Will you like to achieve a new goal or target an old goal?

New Year Resolutions

Here we are going to discuss the top seven resolutions one might like to achieve this year to become a good human in the near future.

  1. Having a good sleep everyday and enjoy healthy eating

What a mantra to be set this year. If you have a career to shine, then you must hit this resolution. It is important for all of us to have a sleep of at least 8 hours. One of the worst things that we do in our career is working hard and ignoring ourselves. It is time to think about who we are and practice having good sleep and great diet. Eating healthy with bit of exercises is going to improve your productivity level. Let us take them as priority this year and get our works done faster and with more efficiency.

  1. Get connected with old friends and family

In this cosmopolitan culture, we almost have started to loosen our connection with friends and family. With the advent of social media we tend to say hi’s and hellos’ to our mates and families over the Facebook and Snapchat. It is good for your health to reconnect your friends and families rather than staying them connected on social media. A lack of social bonds can actually damage your health just like alcohol or smoking. So meet in person and then stay connected over social channels.

  1. Quit Smoking

Not a bad idea but not so good for those who are addicted smokers. But your friends and family desperately want you to leave smoking. You can make their wish come true this year by promising to leave smoking this year. Talk to an ex-smoker and sketch out the path to success. Try out different methods and find out what works best for you.

  1. Pick up a good hobby

What do you think about picking up a good hobby this year? So many people just sit idle or feel bored with their work and home routine, for them jumping on a good hobby is surely going to benefit a lot. Hobbies helps users to lower the stress level boost the brainpower and improve the ability to focus more in your daily works.

  1. Save money

This you might not have given a thought to do this year. But you must attempt to save some money and get into a habit of saving slowly. If you are in your 30s, it is high time to start thinking about your savings. Save money by getting into healthy lifestyle such as walking or riding a bike to office or simply cut back on the gym membership and abstain from useless supermarket shopping.

  1. Do cut back on your stress

With a little pressure, we are always into trouble. Whether it is at work or in our personal life even, a small pressure or a tension we get into the stress level. It increases the risk of insomnia, depression, obesity and heart diseases. You will find that long work hours, little sleep and poor diet and not spending time with friends and family is something that increases the risk of stress. So this year try to control your stress level and act on it using the power of meditation.

  1. Stop you procrastination

If you are aiming for something this year, get it done and stop procrastinating. A simple procrastination of your aims and goals is not going to end you up into something. This will help you to ensure that you do not sit around the whole year and get yourself going.

Do you like this list, if so then hit these goals today!

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