What is it about us women that makes us ‘mother’ everyone?

We mother our younger siblings. We mother our friends. We mother our husbands. We mother our old parents. And of course, we continue to mother our children, even when they are grand-parents.

What’s the matter with us?

Is it because we weren’t ‘mothered’ enough? Or is it because we love to ‘smother’ people? Kill me softly, if you please!

women that makes us 'mother' everyone?

Those who are too much into this ‘mothering’ business, stop others from ‘growing up’. And those whom we ‘mother’ beyond a certain time-frame, want to run as far away from us as possible. It is time we understood that.

No adult likes to be mothered – forever. It is time we treated them – and ourselves – like responsible adults. Responsible for ourselves. Period.

If anyone needs any mothering, let them ask for it.