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What’s in a name?

When I was born, my natal chart suggested a name beginning with ‘J’ and the Pandit proposed, ‘Janak-Nandini, Janak-Dulari’. Somehow, these names didn’t appeal to my parents, and I was named ‘Guddi’ for the time-being.

My mother used to tell me that when I was about 3, a friend of my elder sister Kalpana visited us. Her name was Chitra; and as soon as I heard this name, I insisted that I wanted this name. Thus, I was named Chitra.

What's in a name?

During school years when boys teased me, “Chitri-wale kele le lo”, I would cringe and curse the moment when I chose this name – which was not a usual name in Punjab.

I always thought that Chitra means a picture/ an image. Later I learnt that it was also a name of a Nakshatra/ constellation.

In 2015, my sister Pratibha, while reading Durga stuti discovered that Chitra is one of the names of Durga. I felt amused – I was Durga to my Somnath.

Today, in answer to one of the assignment on my Reiki Master Apprentice group, a friend discovered that Chitra is one of the three subtle nadis that make up Sushumna – the Kundalini.

People ask, “What’s in a name?” I continue to discover hidden treasures in my name.

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