Which Inconvenience are you Grateful for?

You and I live in the world of instant gratification. I want it and I want it now.

In such times, it is natural to become impatient when things don’t happen the way we would like them to happen.

But sometimes, we find unexpected gains from things not happening pronto – and not happening in exactly the way we want them to happen – for example, from a tiresome chore or an unwelcome event which we later become grateful for.

What are you Grateful For

Recently in my life, my mother’s accident was such a thing. It was most unwelcome. She had broken her left arm and suddenly become bed-ridden. Within a span of three weeks, she became extremely weak and eventually vacated her body. This is something that she was praying for, for many years, “Hey Ram, Le Jaa.” I was praying for it too, for her reply of “Waqt Kaat Rahe Hain” (on asking, how are you doing) used to pierce my heart.

She had no place she could call her own, even though she shunted from one child’s home to another – she didn’t find her home anywhere. Even her own home – made by her husband – had ceased to be hers after her husband’s death.

That inconvenient accident became her gateway to heaven. It freed her. It freed us. It freed me.

I remain grateful to that accident which helped her escape her misery. I am grateful indeed – with all my heart.