Why is it so difficult to see, to hear, to understand, and to love?

Of late, I have been writing a lot about Patriarchy; and as I write, my understanding of ‘patriarchy’ changes.

Traditionally, patriarchy means a male-dominated society, which is run by male-made rules, to suit male-supremacy. But what is not so clear is the women’s role in making the male feel supreme.

Today, I am very clear, that but for women’s supplicant compliance, patriarchy can’t last.

We, the women, have caused as much harm – if not more – to ourselves and our future generations – of both men and women, as the men we so love bashing.

Why is it so difficult to see, to hear, to understand, and to love

The irony is that both men and women – bash each other and worship each other at the same time.

We are afraid of each other, and we love each other.

We run away from each other, and we are attracted to each other.

We try to prove that we can’t live without each other; and we also try to prove that we don’t need each other.

And in all this – we end up not only confusing ourselves but also our future generations.

What is it that we want? Why is a peaceful co-existence so out of reach? What is it about supremacy? Why does one have to be lower/ higher than the other?

What stops us from admitting – to ourselves and to others – that both the genders are humans first? Both need to be heard, to be seen, to be understood, and to be loved – by both genders.