Wisdom From My Sessions

Wisdom from my sessions:-

1) Love is acceptance of what is. You can be peaceful in the midst of war, if you accept the war fully.

2) There is no other purpose of life than to keep your energy high at all times. High energy will always lead to purposeful action.

3) A Rose is protected by thorns, if you are interested in the Rose, the thorns can’t discourage you. The Lotus is surrounded by the muck, if you are interested in the Lotus, the muck can’t discourage you.

4) Qualifications are becoming redundant while skills are becoming supreme.

4) Your external environment is a reflection of your internal environment.

5) If you can’t feel your pain fully, you can’t feel your joy fully.


6) The fear of pain keeps us small.

7) Food is condensed fire / light.

8) Silence before emptying out is loaded. Silence after emptying out is golden.

9) Food is tangible love. It caresses your insides.

10) When you handover your kitchen to someone, you hand over your power to that person.

11) The psyche affects the soma, and the soma affects the psyche.

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