World’s First Liquid Cooled Laptop Launched by ASUS in India

ROG brand, also popularly known as Republic of Gamers from ASUS takes proud in launching ROG GX700 in India. The laptop is one of its own kinds in the world as it features a liquid cooling system. The laptop has been launched at the price of Rs 4,12,990 and is available for purchase on the official website of ASUS.

What’s special is that the device features a Hydro Overclocking System Cooling Module, which is detachable in nature. The users are also provided with a specially designed ROG briefcase that allows them to carry the device as well as the cooling system conveniently. The RAM of the device is up to 64 GB and the laptop is powered by 6th generation Intel core i7 processor.

Liquid Cooled Laptop Launched by ASUS

The company claims that the system that is being used for cooling not only keeps the temperature of the laptop under control but also facilitates the Overclocking of CPU up to 48% and that of 64GB RAM up to 43%. As far as graphics are concerned, the device comes with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 90. The unit also contains a traditional cooling system so that the user can make use of the laptop without coupling it with the liquid cooling system.

Coming to ASUS ROG GX700 features, the device has a 4K display of 17.3 inch and comes with a illuminated chiclet keyboard. There is one USB Type-C port (with Thunderbolt) along with three traditional USB ports. Then there is one mini display port and one HDMI port.